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Save Time

Know which subs are current and quickly request certificates for ones that are not.  

Just a few seconds and your job is done!

Save Money

Do not be surprised by Audit bills again!  

Quickly and easily see which sub-contractors have current approved certificates prior to assigning jobs or issuing payments.

Reduce Stress

Reduce the stress of collecting all the certificates you need to submit for your audit.  

With just a couple of clicks, compile a list of all certificates for the specified audit period and print them or email directly to your auditor.


Expiration Reminders

No more trying to keep up with expiring certificates.  

Automated email reminders and an expiring certificates list on your dashboard reminds you when new certificates are needed and lets you request updated certificates with just a click.

Monitor Outstanding Certificate Requests

Easily keep track of outstanding requests for certificates for your sub-contractors. 

Simplify Audit Preparation

Take away the hassle of trying to locate all of the previous year's certificates.  SiegeCOI Contractors Edition helps make preparing for your insurance audit much simpler.  With just a few clicks, you will have all your certificates for the requested audit period ready to print or email.  

Track Approved and Deficient Certificates 

Review received certificates and mark them as approved or deficient.  Quickly and easily send new request for corrections to incorrect or deficient certificates.

Database of Your Sub-Contractors and Vendors

Keep a list of all of your sub-contractors, general contractors, vendors, etc.  Easily send emails and make phone calls directly from the app.